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The Imagine Institute is a nonprofit organization that provides educational classes to communities in Washington state. The Imagine Institute empowers community members to provide high-quality child care by providing affordable educational programs. Divergent and The Imagine Institute collaborated to remove technical debt, and update required processes to provide efficient business procedures and data security. Divergent Business Consulting implemented Education Cloud to provide trackability for the education courses each department at The Imagine Institute offers during a fiscal year. Reports, dashboards, and community communication round out the automation and functionality built for this valued client.


Mercer Global Advisors is a financial services company based in California. Mercer works with their customers to get taxes completed. They are financial advisors and a wealth management company. Mercer implemented Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud to gain a 360-degree view of their customers to ensure their customers' best experiences. Divergent became their partner in maximizing the functionality of Financial Services Cloud and Lightning Scheduler. Divergent is at the forefront of certifications for Financial Services Cloud and has been from the beginning of the beta testing. Divergent optimized the investment in the Financial Service Cloud and worked on customized email templates and Lightning Scheduler.


For the last 117 years, the American Lung Association has worked diligently to improve lung health and to prevent lung disease through education, research, and advocacy. This non-profit organization received a four-star designation from Charity Navigator in 2019. The American Lung Association relies on its Salesforce Service Cloud to manage its cases so it can serve its clients efficiently. Divergent worked with the American Lung Association to fix poor architecture, establish the call center within the Service Cloud system, and connect and upgrade their CTI information with the American Lung Association’s Service Cloud system. Divergent implemented case management by routing calls, email questions, web-to-case forms, and email-to-case forms. Divergent created solutions for the American Lung Association to report on compliance for state and national agencies. By implementing Conga Composer, Divergent created the dynamic files needed for the American Lung Association to report to state, local, and national agencies.


ModivCare is a non-emergency medical transportation provider based in Denver, Colorado. ModivCare (formally Logisticare) is a publicly traded company. ModivCare had technical debt due to poor architecture. This technical debt hampered ModivCare from functioning efficiently in their business processes, end users' low morale, and adoption of Salesforce. Divergent worked with Salesforce corporate and ModivCare to find the best solution to the technical debt ModivCare had in their system. After pursuing all possible options, ModivCare partnered with Divergent to manage the original org while creating a fresh org built with Salesforce best practices. Divergent worked alongside ModivCare decision makers, their C-suite, and daily users to stabilize the current working environment including Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, Marketo, Hubspot, and DocuSign. Concurrent with this Org1 work, Divergent worked to build ModivCare’s Org2 using Salesforce best practices to ensure future sustainability. This complex migration of orgs and data allowed Divergent to shine while working on basic setup as well as implementing complex business processes and training users to establish a robust Org2 for accurate data and functionality.


Divergent came on to the project to assist mTab with integrating their custom Apex code and the third-party app mTab uses for their Products and Price Books. Divergent worked with three other vendors to get this integration project over the finish line for mTab. Divergent used custom Apex code to concatenate multiple fields into a single field for the Rapid Products third-party app mTab had integrated within their system. Divergent worked side by side with two other vendors to successfully integrate the data between Salesforce and NetSuite for the mTab financial teams.


TransLease is a company that financially assists farmers in leasing heavy machinery for their daily work lives. TansLease works nationwide as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico. TransLease has been awarded a top 10 independently owned leasing company in America for the work they have been doing since 1991. TransLease uses Salesforce to track its business processes and uses a separate financial ERP system. To ensure TransLease could work seamlessly without separate data silos, Divergent worked to integrate their ERP with Salesforce. Divergent worked using a custom APEX code to integrate the financial ERP system with Salesforce. Divergent consulted with TransLease to optimize and clean up the technical debt within their Salesforce org. After working with Divergent, TransLease now has the data from their financial system within their Salesforce org allowing users to have the necessary data they need to work their tasks efficiently.


American Physician Institute is based out of Westmont, Illinois, and provides continuing medical education for practicing physicians. American Physician Institute relies on Salesforce to connect with its clientele through the Experience Cloud. Experience Cloud creates opportunities for individual client interactions on multiple levels including education for American Physicians Institute’s clients. Divergent implemented an LMS system into Experience Cloud. The LMS is critical to the American Physician Institute’s business model. Divergent created solutions to implement seamlessly with Experience Cloud to provide the most ROI for the American Physician Institute. Divergent performed system updates to the call center connected to Salesforce while implementing Chat on Service Cloud to provide live service to the American Physician Institute’s clients. American Physician Institute also required Salesforce’s Pardot implementation to allow for connected and profitable B2B connections.


For more than 130 years, Mile High United Way has provided critical services to the communities they serve in Metro Denver. Mile High United Way was the first of the 1,800 local chapters throughout the world. That kind of trailblazing is something to be proud of while working to continue the founding ideals. Mile High United Way utilizes Salesforce to provide necessary community services daily. Divergent provides ongoing maintenance to ensure Salesforce continues to work with optimal processes. Divergent has partnered with Mile High United Way for years to find solutions to their growing needs. Mile High United Way uses a third-party app to search for needed services, using APEX code work to update the integration of this third-party app with their existing Service Cloud.


ENTACT, LLC is a premier provider of environmental remediation and geotechnical construction services in the US. Their corporate office is in Westmont, Illinois, and they have regional offices throughout the US. ENTACT relies on Salesforce to keep track of its diverse client base with its multi-faceted projects. All the company and project data collected creates a comprehensive project history that the sales team has come to rely on when communicating with their customers on existing and proposed projects. ENTACT depends on custom code to update fields for their reporting. When the custom code did not work as expected, Divergent worked diligently to find the source of the bug and correct the issue with a combination of custom Apex coding and declarative process functionality. ENTACT now has a system they can trust and rely upon for this crucial piece of their business. Divergent diagnosed the source and uploaded the data to keep accurate data for ENTACT, as the data was unreliable due to a bug in the code.


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